Get ready for a wild ride to the trade deadline this month

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The Oakland A’s are going to be sellers once again this year.  It will be interesting to see if they are willing to trade their biggest chips.  If I were running the show, I would trade almost everyone with value.  But, I wouldn’t wait until July 31st to get things done.  The best trade chips the A’s have are Danny Valencia, Josh Reddick, Khris Davis, Sonny Gray, Rich Hill, Ryan Madson, John Axford and Marc Rzepczynski.  Let me make this perfectly clear, I wouldn’t trade Khris Davis or Sonny Gray without getting a huge haul for them.  The Indians, Royals, White Sox, Mets and Giants will like be after Davis and Josh Reddick.  A lot of those same teams (Indians, Royals and Giants) would likely be interested in Valencia too.  Maybe the A’s can make a package deal for a lot of good prospects from one of those three teams.  It was a master stroke to sign lefty Rich Hill to a 1-year deal.  The A’s essentially rented him for half a season, hoping that he would pitch well and he has.  The Orioles and Red Sox are really desperate for starting pitching and the A’s could stick it to them for Hill.  The Tigers, Royals, Rangers, Mariners, Mets, Marlins, Pirates and Dodgers will also likely be after Hill later this month.  Gray will have the same teams chasing him, but the price tag will be a lot higher than the one placed on Hill.  The Tigers, Cardinals and Mariners will likely be after righty relievers Ryan Madson and John Axford.  Lefty Marc Rzepczynski could also net a decent prospect for the A’s, as the Indians, Blue Jays, Royals, Astros, Marlins, Cubs, Cardinals and Giants could use a guy like him.  I would also make Stephen Vogt, Yonder Alonso, Jed Lowrie, Billy Butler, Billy Burns and Coco Crisp available in package deals or by themselves.  The A’s need to be busy this month.

The Oakland A’s really need to make a move for a 2B

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The A’s really need to make a deal for a legit starting 2B.  They could think big and offer Chris Young, Eric Sogard and Grant Green to the Phillies for Chase Utley.  I think they might jump at a deal like that as they need a CF with Ben Revere out of action for the next 6-8 weeks with a broken foot.  If the Phillies didn’t bite, I would turn my attention to the White Sox (Gordon Beckham) and the Brewers (Rickie Weeks).  I would offer either team Michael Taylor, Eric Sogard and Grant Green for Beckham or Weeks.

The Oakland A’s need an upgrade at 2B

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The Oakland A’s are in second place in the A.L. West with a 44-34 record (56.4%), only 1 game behind the Texas Rangers.  The only glaring hole on the team in my eyes is at 2B right now, where Eric Sogard has been starting.  I think the A’s could call up Grant Green or Jemile Weeks and that they would be an improvement over Sogard, but I have a feeling that they are going to use those guys as trade bait to improve on him.  The Rays would probably jump at the opportunity to land Grant Green for Kelly Johnson.  Johnson would give the A’s another power hitting lefty bat.  The Phillies would probably require Green/Weeks and a pitcher like Dan Straily for Chase Utley.  The Cubs would probably take Weeks or Green straight up for Darwin Barney.  I think a deal with the Rays for Johnson makes the most sense, so that is the likely route I would take if I were running the A’s.

Billy Beane has a lot of ammo to make a couple of deals for the Oakland A’s

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The A’s are suddenly in the hunt for a playoff spot, and A’s GM Billy Beane has stockpiled prospects in deals lately. That means he has plenty to offer teams in an attempt to improve at both SS and 3B. Yunel Escobar and Stephen Drew are likely the A’s top targets at SS. If they lost out on both of them, they probably would consider a smaller deal for Jamey Carroll of the Twins. The A’s are also looking for a big upgrade at 3B over Brandon Inge. Chase Headley (Padres) and Aramis Ramirez (Brewers) are likely the top targets at 3B. Headley would cost more prospect wise, while Ramirez would cost more money wise. If the A’s missed out on both of those guys, I think they would consider making a smaller deal for lefty swinging Greg Dobbs, who would platoon with Brandon Inge. The A’s are going to make themselves a better team in the next couple of days, bank on it.

A massive firesale could be in the near future for the Oakland A’s

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The A’s are playing much better than projected as they have a 38-42 record, which has them in 3rd place in the A.L. West, 12 games behind the Rangers. Here is a look at the players most likely to get deal this month by A’s GM Billy Beane:

Kurt Suzuki – With Derek Norris in the show, the A’s will likely try to move Suzuki. The Rays and Nationals would likely have an interest in Suzuki. I think a deal with the Rays makes the most sense here.

Daric Barton – I don’t see much interest in Daric Barton. The A’s could force him to be included in a deal. I think by himself, only the Brewers would have a smidge of interest in him.

Cliff Pennington – SS Cliff Pennington is falling out of favor with the A’s. I think the Rays, Brewers and Giants might have an interest in him as a starter. The Cardinals and Yankees as a backup.

Brandon Inge – Inge has played decent ball for the A’s. That being said, only the Angels and Dodgers would likely have interest in him.

Seth Smith – The A’s probably don’t want to deal Smith because of his team friendly contract. That being said, the Orioles, White Sox, Nationals, Marlins, Reds, Dodgers and Giants all would be in the hunt for him if the A’s make him available.

Jonny Gomes – Teams looking for a righty swinging power hitting corner outfielder could take a look at Gomes. The Yankees, White Sox and Nationals will all likely have interest in him.

Coco Crisp – CF Coco Crisp will likely garner a fair share of interest on the trade market. The Indians, Orioles, Marlins and Dodgers will likely be the most interested parties.

Bartolo Colon – If Bartolo Colon gets healthy before the trade deadline, look for the Yankees, Orioles, Blue Jays, White Sox, Royals, Rangers and Braves will all likely have interest. A deal with the Royals (if they stay in the playoff race) makes the most sense to me.

Brandon McCarthy – Like Colon, if McCarthy can prove he’s healthy this month, the phone’s going to be ringing off the hook. The Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, White Sox, Indians, Royals, Rangers and Braves will all have interest in him.

Grant Balfour – Grant Balfour is going to be a popular name in the trade market. The Red Sox and Mets will both likely be after him.

Jeremy Blevins & Brian Fuentes – Teams looking for lefty relievers that can pitch late in games are going to be calling the A’s about Blevins and Fuentes. The Rangers, Brewers, Mets, Phillies and Dodgers will likely have the most interest in them.

The Oakland A’s are going to be dealing veterans again this year

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I know, it’s too early to start talking about the A’s dealing a lot of their veteran players for youngsters, but at some point this year that will likely happen. Right off the bat, the Rays are in dire need of a catcher so trading them Kurt Suzuki and cash makes sense. A package revolving around righty starting pitcher Chris Archer, righty reliever Josh Lueke and SS Tim Beckham probably gets the job done. The Nationals really need a CF badly. I would offer the Nationals Coco Crisp, Adam Rosales and Daric Barton for infielder Steve Lombardozzi, 1B Tyler Moore and righty reliever Ryan Mattheus. The Pittsburgh Pirates need hitting if they are going to stay in contention this year, so I would deal them Jonny Gomes, Seth Smith and Kila Ka’aihue for 1B Matt Curry, 1B/3B Matt Hague, OF Alex Presley and IF/OF Yamaico Navarro. A trade with the Dodgers sending them Brian Fuentes and cash could bring back a return of infielder Justin Sellers and righty starting pitcher John Ely. The Phillies could use some bullpen help (like Grant Balfour) and they could deal an outfielder (John Mayberry) to get him. The A’s are going to be sellers again this year, but the haul is likely to be a good one.

The Oakland Athletics will look for bargains in free agency

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If I know Billy Beane, he’s going to be looking for bargains in free agency. The A’s have to replace their whole starting outfield and the DH spot before next season starts. Now they could go young, but that isn’t the way the A’s always operate….especially if some bargains present themselves and I think they will. Here are three guys I could easily see winding up with the A’s in 2012:

1. Vladimir Guerrero – The A’s just didn’t hit well for average last year. Guerrero has lost some of his power but he can still flat out hit as a DH.

2. Raul Ibanez – Lefty swinging LF Raul Ibanez can still hit for power and that is something the A’s really need. I think he would be a perfect fit for them.

3. Magglio Ordonez – RF is wide open for the A’s and Billy Beane won’t be able to resist signing Ordonez if he comes at the right price.

The Oakland Athletics will likely be doing a lot of dealing at the trade deadline

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I think the A’s could blow up their disappointing roster this week and why not? Any player who isn’t a part of the A’s future (I count at least 16 of them) will likely be on the trading block this week. The whole A’s starting outfield (Josh Willingham, Coco Crisp and David DeJesus) could be on the move and they each have decent value trade wise. DH Hideki Matsui and outfielder Ryan Sweeney also have limited appeal to other teams on the trade market. Conor Jackson, Kevin Kouzmanoff and Daric Barton will also be on the trade block this week but none of them will bring much of a return on their own. Righty starting pitchers Rich Harden and Brandon McCarthy will be on the block with teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers and Cardinals having interest in them. The bullpen is going to bring back nice returns for the A’s if they decide to move a lot of them. Lefty relievers Brian Fuentes, Craig Breslow and Jeremy Blevins likely appeal to the Red Sox, Yankees, Brewers, Cardinals and Diamondbacks. Righty relievers Grant Balfour, Brad Zeigler and Michael Wuertz will likely draw attention from the Tigers, Twins, Rangers, Angels, Braves, Pirates and Diamondbacks. A’s GM Billy Beane might try to make a few package deals to maximize his return for the players he’s willing to deal. I see the A’s looking a lot different on August 1st than they look right now.

The Oakland Athletics will likely only be making minor deals this July

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I think that A’s GM Billy Beane is going to want to make big trades but I just don’t think he will like the market. With that in mind, I see smaller deals landing in the lap of the A’s. The A’s would love to unload lefty reliever Brian Fuentes and I think they will. I think if they sent enough cash along with Fuentes that they could get a decent prospect like righty starting pitcher Kyle Weiland. The A’s could then flip lefty reliever Jeremy Blevins to the Phillies for righty reliever Scott Mathieson. Finally, I can see the A’s dealing outfielder Ryan Sweeney to the Rockies for 2B/OF Eric Young who has speed to burn. None of those deals are earth shattering but the A’s would be getting back players with a nice upside without screwing up the team for the rest of the 2011 season and beyond.

If the Oakland Athletics continue to fade, Billy Beane’s phone is going to be ringing off the hook

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The Oakland A’s really expected more out of the team this year. This team was built to win now but they are 30-40 and are in last place in the N.L. West. The good news is that they are only six games out of first place, so they can get on a hot streak and turn things around quickly. If they continue to fade though, A’s G.M. Billy Beane is going to be very active at the trade deadline. Kurt Suzuki, Daric Barton, Mark Ellis, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Coco Crisp, David DeJesus, Hideki Matsui, Conor Jackson, Ryan Sweeney, Craig Breslow, Jeremy Blevins and Brian Fuentes will all likely garner interest from other teams. If the A’s continue to struggle, I see them having a big firesale. But, if they get hot, I could see them buying a hitter or two (especially a 1B).

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